Brewing Dreams:

The Birth of Copperlode Brewery Co.

Aug 2, 2023

In the heart of Far North Queensland, Copperlode Brewery Co. is taking shape. Our local tradies are doing an outstanding job putting everything together, from the brewhouse and bar bench to the fermenters and coolroom.

Behind the scenes, some talented locals have all played a part in making Copperlode Brewery Co. what it is. Trent and his team at ACCU Cut have done an impressive job shaping the foundation, while Gypsy and Ralph have painted and sealed the brewhouse floor.

Gypsy and Ralph
On right: Jake from Well-Brewd

Copperlode’s Grand Opening

And let’s not forget Jake from Well-Brewd, who helped design and commission our impressive 1500-litre brew system that will bring the flavours of the rainforest to life!

We are genuinely excited about our grand opening and pleased with how far we have come. We cannot wait to welcome everyone to our tavern, where we will raise a glass to our top-notch community and the craftsmanship that made Copperlode Brewery Co. a reality.