Crafting Excellence

Experience the perfect combination of craft beer and pure water at Copperlode Brewery Co. in the heart of Cairns. We take pride in creating exceptional beers using only the finest locally-sourced ingredients and pristine water from Copperlode Dam. Join us on our journey as we bring the authentic taste of Far North Queensland straight to your glass.

Our mission

At Copperlode Brewery Co., our mission is to craft the finest beers that embody the spirit of Far North Queensland.

We strive to create unique, smashable brews inspired by our pristine water source and the tropical beauty of the region. With relentless dedication, we aim to share our passion for craft beer, enriching the lives of beer enthusiasts near and far.

Pristine water from Copperlode Dam
Water Source
River Lizard Lager & Red Dust Draught
Beer Varieties
Brewmaster experience
10+ Years

Our values

Brewed with heart and soul.

Passion for Craft
We love brewing exceptional craft beer and sharing our creations with the world.
Embrace Nature
We respect and cherish our pristine water source and seek to maintain the beauty of the region.
Quality Craftsmanship
Our beers are carefully crafted with locally-sourced ingredients, ensuring an outstanding taste.
Community Connection
We value our patrons and aim to create a welcoming space for beer enthusiasts to connect.
Innovation and Creativity
Our dedication to brewing unique and diverse beers drives our continuous pursuit of excellence.
Tropical Alehouse
We prioritize local craftsmanship for an authentic and unique brewery and tavern experience in Far North Queensland.

Our team

Say hello to our passionate team, who meticulously brew exceptional beers with care and dedication, showcasing the unique flavours of Far North Queensland.

Morgan Hind

Co-Founder - Head Brewer - CEO

Morgan Hind (Morgo)

A ginger and an all-around weapon, originally from Christchurch. He found himself adrift on his trusty outrigger trigger after a carton of Speights at the Hungry Bro, running ashore just north of Yorkeys Knob armed only with a schooner glass and his ever-ready double plug pluggers.

Like a beer hound, he sniffed out Blue Sky Brewery and pursued his beer brewing endeavours. He then journeyed west to Western Australia, leading a team and creating great beers at Gage Roads Brew Co. In 2014, the east coast called, and the hipster he is, moved to Murwillumbah, working for a couple of years at Stone and Wood Brew Co.

With the tropics calling, he moved back to where it all started, not-so-sunny Cairns, taking on the head brewers job at Coral Sea Brewery, refining his craft and finding the love of NQ-inspired smashable beers. Now, as Copperlodes head brewer and CEO of his show, exciting times await for the south side of Cairns.